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Groundhog/Woodchuck Removal – 914-999-6199

Groundhog/woodchuck removal is a specialty at QualityPro.  Groundhogs also known as woodchucks, are large rodents.  They eat plants and are also expert tunnel diggers, and thus common complaints are:

  • Large burrow next to house
  • Concrete collapsing due to digging
  • Concrete collapsing due to water damage – holes against the foundation can allow water to seep in, wearing away the foundation and eventually causing it to crumble
  • Groundhogs live under deck/shed
  • Garden and crops being eaten

We can safely capture and relocate them away from your home.  To have your groundhog/woodchuck problem taken care of sooner rather than later, call us today! 914-999-6199.  Put our experience in groundhog/woodchuck  control to use for you!

Groundhog/Woodchuck Trapping

The best way to take care of groundhogs/woodchucks is by trapping them. QualityPro are experts at trapping groundhogs/woodchucks. We know where to set the traps to capture these burrowing animals and we will remove them from your property.  We will do humane groundhog/woodchuck trapping to take care of these animals. For immediate groundhog/woodchuck trapping assistance please call QualityPro. 914-999-6199