Emergency Wildlife Removal

about-quality-proSometimes wildlife situations raise to the emergency level for the home owner. Often this is when the animal has entered the home. Loss of habitat means that many animals including skunks, snakes, and bats find ways to enter homes looking for roost sites. This means you may find snakes in the house, have bats in the attic, or have more instances of skunk spray around or even in your home.  Call us for emergency removal.

A skunk or raccoon can enter through a pet door and be unable to find the way back out. A squirrel can even fall down a chimney and be running loose in the home. A snake or a bat can enter through very small openings. When a homeowner finds an animal in their home it is a serious and stressful situation that requires immediate removal. QualityPro Pest & Wildlife Services Inc can be there for you.

24 Hour Service

We can help with emergency animal removal in the Westchester, Rockland, Putnam Counties and Greenwich CT 24 hours a day. So if you find an animal in your home, even in the middle of the night, a competent wildlife removal expert from QualityPro Pest & Wildlife Services, Inc. can respond. Wildlife animal removal should be done by a professional, so give QualityPro Pest & Wildlife Services, Inc. a call so we can serve your wildlife removal needs even if they occur after hours.

QualityPro Pest & Wildlife Services Inc is a fully licensed and insured company with many years of experience. We work hand in hand with state wildlife agencies to provide legal and humane animal removal. We handle residential and commercial buildings with 24 hour service. To have your wildlife problem taken care of sooner rather than later, call us today! 914-999-6199 Put our experience in wildlife control to use for you!