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Skunks are the only creatures that bring fear not only from their bite but also their smell. Skunk spray can not only be sickening to smell but can also cause skin irritation, temporary blindness and be smelled by a human from up to a mile away. Skunks are one of the top carriers of rabies. 22% of skunks are potential carriers. Skunks make den’s in dark warm concealed places like under your home. They make den’s from whatever they can find, using anything from insulation to air conditioning duct work and they have often entered a home through an air conditioning vent.

If you have any doubt that you’ve smelled a Skunk in your home, please do not hesitate to call the skunk removal specialists at QualityPro. We pride ourselves on using state of the art techniques to not only remove the skunk but also clean up any and all skunk related damage from smell, feces, urine and nesting. Skunk damage is very difficult to be repaired correctly and ultimately be repaired as nothing ever happened.

Skunk Control

Do you have a skunk control problem? We can take care of your problem no matter how small or big. We can handle skunk control for your home, business or rental property quickly and less costly than our competitors. We will assess your situation and give you a detail description on the damage that you have had occur. We trap skunks and have the best, highly trained technicians to address the foul odors that you may have.

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